SD Optics has released Visioner 1 with Carl Ziess, the new digital 3D microscope
Date : 2020.10.21

SD Optics exclusively supplies 3D digital microscope modules to Carl Zeiss,

the world's largest microscope company, and finally has launched 'Visioner 1' with Zeiss. 

'Visioner 1' is the first real-time 3D microscope that overcomes the limitation on the Depth of Field of the existing microscopes. 
This technology could be realized by using MALS (SD Optic's patent core competency), the high-speed variable focus device. 

On the official 'Visioner 1' release site, Zeiss describes 'Visioner 1' is the new digital microscope with MALS technology and
the fastest and easiest digital microscope that has no limitation in DoF(Depth of Field).


▶ ZEISS Visioner 1 Official Release Website